Reliable Air Conditioning Repair Services

An air conditioner brings us comfort and relaxation that we often take for granted. During the sweltering summers in the south, needing air conditioning repair is a problem you never want to have. Proper maintenance of your air conditioner will help prolong its lifespan and keep it performing at peak efficiency. Try as you might, there will eventually come a time when a repair is needed. You shouldn’t try and correct the error on your own. You could potentially make matters worse. Therefore, it is imperative to reach out to someone with expertise and knowledge in handling an AC system.

air conditioning repair

Signs That You Need To Repair Your Air Conditioner

  • Warm air is blowing out of vents
  • Airflow seems inadequate or insufficient
  • Constant cycling on and off
  • It’s humid indoors
  • Unpleasant odors coming from your AC system
  • The air conditioner is making loud and sudden noises
  • The electricity bill goes up

Common Problems That Need Repair

  • A faulty thermostat
  • The AC develops a leak at the refrigerant lines, leaving inadequate refrigerant to cool the air
  • The evaporator is full of refrigerants making the coil too cold, resulting in warm air
  • If the air conditioner’s condenser coils have dirt and soot, they won’t function properly
  • When the fans that blow air are not working correctly, it may be because of insufficient lubrication, etc.
  • The air conditioner emits moisture, which should be drained. If that does not happen and the pan gets full, it may damage the system

How to Prevent Air Conditioner Problems

  • Replace  dirty air filters at least once a month
  • Keep inspecting the ducts and repair any holes
  • Avoid clogging the outdoor fan
  • Get a programmable thermostat
  • Ensure regular maintenance from an expert technician

We Are Only A Call Away

At Absolute Air, we specialize in residential and commercial air conditioning installation and repairs. Our expert technicians are there to guide you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on the delivery of high-quality services and want to be the company you trust to keep your home or office comfortable all year long. Has your AC broken down, or do you suspect that it is not functioning properly? Give us a call so we can schedule an inspection of your system and get it back to working efficiently.